In today’s content, we will take a look at the main kinds of drilling machines. We will also dig a little into the extent to which these machines are normally used by people and companies out there. Also, if you are on the lookout for some great drilling machines, we recommend you to go ahead with Eibenstock magnetic drill machine supplier, dealer in India, as they seem to be on the trends.


Types of Drilling Machines in India:

    • Portable Drilling Machine: The portable drilling machines are quite commonly used for the drilling of small holes. It’s a very simple machine that is used by holding in a hand, and the target area to be held in a vice.
    • Radial Drilling Machine: The radial arm can be operated by the spindle speed and feeding mechanism. Also, the radial arm can be rotated and raised and the workpiece can get fixed. It is widely used in the manufacturing of industrial machinery. This type is perfect for processing large, heavy, and porous workpieces.
    • Sensitive Drilling Machine: To match the requirements of workplaces of small and medium sizes, there can be vertical moving on the column through feed mechanism, spindle speed, and the table. The sensitivity can be felt and the pressure can be adjusted pretty easily, all thanks to the properties of the sensitive drilling machine.


  • Upright Drilling Machine: The upright drilling machine’s mechanism is quite similar to that of a sensitive drilling machine, but here the catch is that the upright is used for dealing with holes (small and medium-sized) that are normally stronger and larger in size. The column type also determines what kind of upright drilling machine you would be using.
  • Deep Hole Drilling Machine: A specific machine tool that uses deep hole boilers, like machine spindles and deep barrel holes. It is usually a horizontal way to make a large body easier and often comes with a coolant within.
  • Multiple Spindle Machine: Take the description of the gang drilling machine, and apply it in the case of multiple spindle machines, but just the difference is that here the holes would be in the same area.


Where all can Drilling Machine be used?

Various industries, including construction, medical equipment, transportation, and electronics, employ the drilling machine to varying degrees of success. In specific applications, different types of drills are used, each of which can create holes of varying sizes in a variety of different types of materials. Also important to note is that the capabilities of the drilling machine can vary depending on the electric motor, spindle travel, spindle speed, and spindle nose that is used in the drilling machine. Because of this, selecting the most appropriate drill press for the client’s needs while also taking their industry into consideration is extremely important to ensure a productive and profitable workplace.