The Ultimate Pressure Washer Guide - Choose the Right One

When it comes to cleaning large outdoor surfaces then you have to choose a Pressure Washer. Bid adieu to the old method of using soap water and brush to clean hard surfaces like floors. When there is an easy way out then why opt for these cumbersome methods?

Many companies provide pressure cleaners. But when it comes to quality many people trust only Karcher Floor Cleaner. This is a reputed brand that has a wide range of pressure cleaners.

The Important Uses of Pressure Washer:

  • Any exterior surface that has dirt can be cleaned well with a pressure washer
  • This can also be useful to remove grease on a hard outer surface.
  • Plant or animal residue that is covering an exterior surface can be cleaned well with pressure cleaners.
  • To sum it up a pressure cleaner is the best way for cleaning a dirty large surface area.

Important Features to Consider While Buying a Pressure Washer:

If you are planning to buy a pressure cleaner like Karcher Pressure Washer then there are some important pointers that you cannot miss:

The Pounds Per Square inch or the PSI range is a very crucial aspect. The pressure washers are available in a wide range of PSI levels. Which PSI level you have to select depends on the volume of cleaning.

For basic cleaning projects like car washing or sidewalk washing you can opt for a small machine that has a PSI range of 1000 to 1900. But for bigger projects where heavy-duty cleaning is involved, you need a larger machine that has higher PSI. For cleaning swimming pools or cleaning decks you need a machine with having PSI range of 2000 to 3200. For stripping paints, and removing grease stains you need a machine with a PSI range of 3200 to 3800.

The portability of the washer is also an important criterion. No matter what the cleaning task is always opt for a washer that has a compact design and one that can be handled easily.

The accessories that come with the pressure washer are also very important. For quickly changing the water pressure power dial gun is required. A power broom can be useful to clean larger surfaces. Accessories like nozzle help to get rid of grime and also help in saving the time needed to clean the surface.


Pressure washers are one the best machines for cleaning larger surfaces like sidewalks and swimming pools. But before you buy the pressure cleaner you have to ensure that you take into account some important features of the washer. The PSI range depends on how large the project is. Portability and ease of use is also an important factor. Also before you buy the washer make sure you check which accessories you are getting.

If you want to buy only the best pressure cleaner which is known for its efficiency and performance then choose Karcher Pressure Washer.

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