Safety Tips to Follow When Handling Hand and Power Tools

Power tools have made our life easy as they help in completing work quickly. Power tools like Stanley Chipping Hammers have a high degree of precision and accuracy. These tools operate on electricity or battery and you do not have to make use of any manual force.

But before you make use of any power tool you have to follow some safety measures. But before that take a quick look at some of the Safety Tips to Follow When Handling Hand and Power Tools.

A Glance at the Uses and Benefits of Power Tools:

  • Power tools like Stanley Demolition Hammer are used on construction sites. Also, some power tools can be used for household purposes.
  • These tools have numerous benefits which include the completion of work at high speed
  • They help in saving time and once you know how to use the tool then you can complete your work effortlessly.

Safety Tips to Follow When Handling Hand and Power Tools:

Power tools have a wire or cord and always keep in mind that you must pick up or carry the power tool from the wire or cord.

When the power tool is not in use make sure that you disconnect it from the power supply. You need to take this precaution even when you are cleaning the tool or servicing the tool. Even when you are changing the accessories you have to disconnect the power tool from the electric supply.

If any people are not involved in the power tool work at the site then make sure that they are kept at a safe distance from the power tool. When you are carrying a tool that is plugged in make sure that you do not keep your fingers on the switch button. This is to avoid the accidental starting of the tool which can be dangerous.

When you are operating the power tools you have to ensure that you maintain a good balance. Also, make sure that before you start using the tool you read the user manual and instructions carefully.

Before you start using the tool examine the tool carefully and check if it has been damaged, If the tool is damaged then do not use the tool.

Cleaning and lubrication of tools at regular intervals and as per instructions in the user manual has to be done religiously.

Make sure that you wear appropriate safety gear when you are using the power tool.


Power tools are a boon to people who use tools daily in industries as well as at home. But there are some safety measures that you need to follow when you are using these power tools. The same has been listed by us also make sure that you follow the safety precautions mentioned in the user manual.

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