GSH 500 Professional Demolition Hammer


The fast and effective chipping specialist

  • Dust proof construction: Thoroughly dust protected and built to survive the harshest of jobs
  • High power output: High impact force ensures good chiseling performance
  • Low pushing pressure: Increases impact force, while reducing vibration





Demolition / Jack Hammer:-

Demolition hammers are drills that are generally used for the demolishing of concrete pavement, roads, and rocks. Demolition hammers are also extensively used in the mining industry, excavation works, and construction projects.

There are several categories of Demolition hammers, all designed to increase the blow and speed of work.

The main types are pneumatic that performs by the high pressure of air from an air compressor. Hydraulic Demolition hammers operate by hydraulic energy from some fluid.

The third kind is the electric Demolition hammers that function by electric power. This machine is suitable for minor maintenance and construction tasks. It does not need much energy to operate and will be operative as soon as it is connected to an electrical socket.

The Demolition hammers are extremely useful for the preparation of building foundations.

The Demolition hammer is considered to be one of the most widespread robust tools that are being utilized in construction engineering and other disciplines of engineering. The Demolition hammer tools and Demolition hammer bits should be carefully selected according to the type of work.

Technical data

Rated input power* 1,025 W
Impact energy* 6,8 J
Impact rate at rated speed 2.750 bpm
Weight* 5.5 kg
Tool dimensions (width) 240 mm
Tool dimensions (length) 450 mm
Tool dimensions (height) 102 mm
Tool holder 17 mm HEX

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